Thursday, September 18, 2014

[Listening to: Leer by Narasaki]

Yesterday, 9/18/2014.
My friend broke up with his girlfriend.
Honestly, I worried a bit for him. She was a nice girl. Strange, but genuinely nice.

There was a day where we all went out to eat and afterwards, I was sitting down next to her alone and I told her to watch out for him. That she could do better.
I warned her that he does some questionable things with his relationships and that maybe she should move on so that she won't get hurt. That he would just break up with her and not feel too bad about it and move on like nothing happened and not to be mad since that's how he is. It's not his fault. And its' not her fault.

Well, unfortunately, that day came a lot faster than what I realized and didn't finish talking to her to make sure she was fine.

Anyways, so yesterday, I asked him if he wanted to go out and eat and see what was up. He even went to the restaurant that he despises. It was a first, normally, it's impossible to get him inside or to even consider eating there. Well, today he went and.. I thought to myself for a bit asked him what was up.

Obviously, he gave me the short story and he said that he was over it. I believe him.

One thing he said was, there was only one girl that he was stuck on for the longest time, but he moved on as well. Coincidentally, it's the same girl I'm stuck on.

We finished eating.
Had a good time.
Went on our ways.

On my drive home at night, I always feel like driving around and wasting gas to just think or to sing out loud. Tonight. I felt once again, it should be a night to drive around.
I planned the wrote, turned up the music and began to look around to see if anyone would catch me speeding passed the limit...


I turned home to go home.

I need to try to not be as depressed.
Need to stop looking at the Moon.
I need to stop midnight drives.
Maybe I need to not worry so much over people. Let them come to me.

but anyways
tonight. I just came home.

I wonder what she's up to.

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