Wednesday, October 8, 2014

[Listening to:Little House by Amanda Seyfried]

Here's a short run-down of what has been happening in my life and what is also going on in my mind about "her(s)."

There was something on my mind that was pressuring me to get a job that is more than minimum wage. Well, I did. several dollars over minimum, its not too bad..

I like the friends that I have made there, but I don't think it's the job for me. It requires that I work 70 hours a week working 3rds.. I would be fine with 50 hours, but that isn't an option there.

That being said, I recently began a new project.. She isn't anyone too special, I mean everyone is special in their own way, but she isnt anything extrodianary to what I usually am interested in. I just needed a project and a job to keep my mind off of "the one." And it's worked slightly and it slightly hasn't. I do think of her everyday, but it's not been eating at me on every thought. I control what I feel and what I think about her, but before, she would just be in every thought and every comment.

I still worry about her, the One.
I still believe she's the one to make me Happiest and simply completes me, but... that only recently fainted a bit..
I think I just need closure. or something special/different.

I think I'm going to vacation in Mexico from Dec. 17th thru Dec. 30th
Long story; short story:
Mother wants to go, but I don't want her to go alone this time.. I also feel like I should get out of the states for a little while and maybe try to relax or something.

Sigh. I just want to talk to her.
That's what I really miss.

I just hope you're okay.
Same goes to everyone else; I hope you're all okay.

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